Introducing HERSHELL’S Pork Ribs

Introducing HERSHELL’S Pork Ribs


Who doesn’t love ribs? Smoky, grilled meat, fingers sticky with sauce, a plate of ribs is all about summers, good friends and good times.

The downside with Ribs has always been how long they take to make. By the time you’ve marinated them, precooked them, grilled them, the better part of a day’s gone. Good thing there’s HERSHELL’S Ribs.

HERSHELL’S Ribs have been pre-cooked so you don’t have to. They come packed in their own sauce, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Unless you have your own sauce, in which case we’re ok with you using that.


You just heat the grill, open the packet, slice the ribs into pieces and cook. Then serve up to your friends and soak up the compliments about your amazing ribs. We’re ok with you taking the credit too.


HERSHELL’S Ribs have no soft bone or gnarly end bits. When you’ve finished eating, there’ll just be clean bones and a smear of barbecue sauce left on the plate.


The sauce is ours too. We’ve developed it to complement our ribs perfectly. There’s enough sauce in the packet so you can baste HERSHELL’S Ribs while they’re under the grill, getting that perfect ribs flavour you’re after or you can use our sauce as a base to your own finishing sauce if you prefer a bit more smoke, spice or sweetness.


Cooking them is about as straight forward as it gets:

1.  Heat your grill

2. Cut open the pack and take the ribs out.

3. Slice the ribs into individual pieces on a chopping board (one bone per piece)

4. Put the ribs into a dish and pour over the excess barbecue sauce in the packet

5. Lay the ribs out on a baking tray


6. Reheat under the grill, turning after 3-4 minutes or until they’re brown and reheated

7. Remove from the grill and serve


So easy. So fast. So tasty.

What we haven’t told you is that our ribs don’t need refrigeration. You might like to chill them before you cut them up (they hold together better), but HERSHELL’S Ribs will live happily on the shelf for 12 months after purchase. The extra good news is that they contain no preservatives either. Our high tech cooking process and packaging take care of that (for more information see our FAQs). That means if you have a power outage or a bunch of unexpected guests, you’ve got dinner sorted.

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